World-Class production companies have come together into one vertical solution.

Touring and Corporate Audio, Technical Services and Integration.
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Corporate and live event production, tailoring our services to production companies and independent producers.
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Entertainment Lighting, Production, Sales, Services and Rentals
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Latest and greatest Audio, Video, Lighting, and LED equipment
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We were Pioneers individually, now we’re a team of Explorers driven to re-shape our client’s approach to Live Events.


With our internal network of culture-shaping legacy brands, we’ve produced some of the most extraordinary events over the past three decades. Our work represents Presidential Conventions and Inaugurals, Fortune 100 milestones, Global Concerts, Brand Launches and Upfronts - we’ve earned a reputation for exceptional performance, and relationships that last a lifetime.




A recognized entrepreneur, leader, and innovator in the Live Events industry for over 30 years. Pat has designed, directed, and produced some of the most iconic live global events in the industry.  His vast experience spans through Corporate, Political, Association, nonprofit and Historic events.  From world-leading Brands to Memorials on the National Mall, his leadership, engineering skills and passion for performance inspires an industry.  He himself has albums, singles, and development deals to his credit with CBS, A&M and ABC Records.



As an innovative leader in the Live Events industry, Paul is recognized as a business catalyst, creating, and executing a strategic plan for growth and transformation.  He jumpstarts momentum, boosts morale, grows revenue and profitability, captures market share, and builds a path to a sustainable future. Paul leads businesses poised for growth, companies requiring swift turnarounds, organizational change, or start-ups requiring proven/innovative leadership.  Board-level experience in $100M-$600M publicly held companies.



With over 30 years of live event, marketing, experiential and multi-media experience, Russell brings a vision anchored in Live global performances.  As a seasoned event professional, he has led teams in the production of global marquee events within the Corporate, Association, Government, and non-profit markets. Writer, designer, and producer of major industry events, Russell brings a comprehensive, innovative hands-on approach to the leadership team.



A senior executive in the creative services and production sector with more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, owning and operating marketing communications, media, music, and entertainment businesses. Charlie has led client relationships for some of the top brands in the world. He has directed numerous experiential marketing programs, conferences, special events, and fundraisers to help clients achieve their business objectives. 

LIVE is where we live.



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